Alternatives to Abortion: What are Positive & Natural Abortion Options

Facing an unplanned pregnancy is never easy, especially for the girl or woman involved. When faced with such a situation and forced to make a decision, some women come to the decision of an abortion. However, studies note that when the woman or couple is not rushed into a decision, an alternative other than abortion may have been chosen.

What are Options to Abortion?

  • There are many reasons why some women cannot push through with an abortion.
  • These reasons include religious, medical, ethical and personal beliefs.
  • The good news is that there are available alternatives to choose from other than abortion.
  • There are support centers that help couples and women to deal with a situation such as an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy.
  • Before making a hasty decision, turn to the available support centers that are available worldwide and online.
  • These support centers will help lay out the possible options that the couple or woman can choose other than abortion.
  • Some of the alternatives to abortion include single parenting, marriage, or adoption.
  • Single parenting requires that a woman carries the pregnancy to term even without a partner or husband as long as there is support available.
  • Marriage requires the woman to carry the pregnancy to term and to marry the father of the baby in order for the unborn child to have a family.
  • Adoption is also another option that may be chosen especially when it is in the interest of all parties involved not to keep the baby but also requires the woman to carry the pregnancy to term.

Positive Alternatives to Abortion

  • This is a grant program that has been approved by law to help support pregnant women.
  • The program has had a positive effect on single women facing an unplanned pregnancy.
  • The grant aims to provide financial and other support to pregnant women.
  • These include medical support, nutritional services, housing assistance, adoption services, education assistance, employment assistance, child care assistance, as well as parenting education and parenting support services.
  • The program helps women encourage women to carry her child to term.

Natural Alternatives to Abortion

  • There are cases wherein an abortion is necessary in order to help save the life of the mother.
  • There are many ways to end a pregnancy to help keep the mother alive.
  • Natural alternatives to ending a pregnancy include the use of herbal medications that can be taken orally.