Pregnancy Ultrasound Scan Health Effects: Ultrasound For Fetal Scan

Ultrasound Scan
Ultrasound Scan

Question: If I have had 2 ultrasound examination before the 3rd month is it still safe to have another by the 3rd month. How often can I have an ultrasound examination?
Answer:Ultrasound is a fairly safe technology compared to an X ray, as it doesn’t have any radiations which can affect the health and growth of the fetus.
An ultrasound fetal scan uses sound waves, which are discharged from the probe into the body.

These sound waves are reflected back, processed by a computer system to reconstruct two dimensional or three dimensional image of the fetus and provide information about its internal organs.

Health Effects Of Ultrasound Scan In Pregnancy

As per the available literature, no medical harm to the mother or the fetus have been attributed to the use of ultrasound over its thirty year history of use. However, as per one of the reports, there is an increased probability of left headness in male children to mothers exposed to too many three dimensional ultrasound. However, this study has been not conclusive and has several limitations.

Ideally, one ultrasound scan is conducted in the first to trimesters to evaluate the growth of the fetus. However, more may be required, if the gynecologist detects, some abnormality in lie, position or the fetal growth. Don’t worry its ok to have repeat ultrasounds, especially because you would be apprehensive to check the growth of your child. Nothing to worry at all.