Treating Asthma During Pregnancy: Asthma Treatment In Pregnant Women

Question: What special care is taken for treating asthma during pregnancy? Should the medications be changed during pregnancy? Can pregnant women take asthma medications without worrying?

A woman with asthma should take utmost care if she plans to become pregnant. She should first bring her asthma under control, because she has to also provide oxygen to the unborn child. Asthma that is managed well ensures that the child has an adequate supply of oxygen and reduces the risk of complications during pregnancy such as difficult birth, premature birth or an underweight infant.

But the fact is that most women with asthma have uncomplicated pregnancies and deliver healthy babies.

Treatment For Asthma During Pregnancy

The asthma medications for pregnant woman should be reviewed with her antenatal (before birth) doctor and the midwife, obstetrician or other birth attendant because obstetricians prefer that pregnant women take the least amount of medication possible. One should remember that the main aim is to keep asthma under control, and to prevent dangerous asthma flare-ups medications are generally required.

Most of the asthma medications during pregnancy, particularly in their inhaled forms are considered safe for pregnant women.

If it is absolutely necessary then even corticosteroids can be taken. Initially theophylline doses can be lowered and then increased during late pregnancy to compensate for the mother’s larger size. However, certain medications are best avoided during pregnancy.