Tiredness During Pregnancy Third Trimester: Fatigue In 3rd Trimester

Many women complain tiredness during pregnancy, especially during the third trimester. Improper or loss of sleep is one of the reasons commonly attributed for tiredness.

Tiredness During Pregnancy Third Trimester

Some women cope with tiredness from the beginning of first trimester. There the problem might be different; it is the morning sickness which keeps you awake.

In the second trimester anxiety caused from impending motherhood may be the reason for sleeplessness and tiredness.

Fatigue In 3rd Trimester

In third trimester of pregnancy, tiredness is caused due to frequent urination, reflux esophagitis problems. These problems interrupt your sound sleep and the resulting in tiredness during day time.

Tiredness during pregnancy is also common in malnourished woman. Anemia is also an important cause of tiredness.

Tiredness is also caused if a woman is suffering from organic disease. Valvular heart problem may be the reason, for a woman getting tired from least work during third trimester.

Overcoming Tiredness In Pregnancy

Here are some tips to overcome tiredness during pregnancy

  • Find time for afternoon catnap. Or you can sit and watch TV.
  • Take help from your partner to share your domestic chores or employ a domestic help for few months of third trimester.
  • Meditation and yoga helps to relax and calm your mind. It gives a peaceful sleep.
  • Avoid drinking fluid during late night; it will lessen your trips to the toilet.
  • Correct anemia by proper nutritional supplementation.
  • A glass of warm milk at night will also help you to have a fast sleep.
  • Avoid colas, caffeinated drinks and alcohol and sleeping pills during pregnancy.