Ninth Month of Pregnancy Health Tests | Pregnancy Week 36-40 Care

Pregnancy Week 36-40:

From this month onwards you will visit your doctor on a weekly basis till your delivery. Your health provider will examine you internally during every visit to check changes in your cervix that would indicate approaching labor. But in a planned caesarean you will not be internally examined.

Pregnancy Tests during Ninth Month:

A Group B Strap (GBS) test will be administered one month before your estimated due date. A fluid sample is swabbed from vagina and rectum and is cultured. If the cultured fluid tests positive for GBS, then you will be administered antibiotics during delivery to prevent the transmission to the baby.

Checking Your Cervix:

Your provider will check your cervix to see if it is preparing for the baby’s passage. Any drop or descent of the baby toward the pelvis (called station) will also be noted down. Although your cervix may appear to be thinning and dilating it will be difficult to analyze when the labor will begin. Sometimes it may take a few more weeks.