Missed Miscarriage Signs: Symptoms Of A Missed Abortion

Missed miscarriage is also commonly referred as missed abortion. The signs and symptoms of missed miscarriage are uncertain. Many times a pregnant woman may not know that her pregnancy has been terminated. Sometimes woman mistakes the symptoms of missed abortion as symptoms of pregnancy. It is therefore important to know the signs and symptoms of missed abortion for every pregnant woman.

Missed Miscarriage Signs

In missed miscarriage, the body does not expel the fetus or placenta though there is no life left in the fetus. It occurs during the first trimester, but in some instances it can even occur late.

The cause of missed miscarriage is not known, but many blame it to be a genetic attribution with the egg of a woman or the male sperm. Increased age or acute infection or low immunity is the other factor for missed miscarriage.

Symptoms Of Missed Miscarriage

Signs and symptoms of missed miscarriage:

  • Vaginal discharge which is dark brown or red in color.
  • Vomiting, nausea, fatigue and breast tenderness decreases which were earlier present.
  • Fetal heart sound are absent on ultrasound investigation.

Symptoms Of A Missed Abortion

These symptoms are vague and sometimes are puzzling to the doctor. Therefore doctor will recommend ultrasound to confirm the diagnosis.

Once confirmed, the doctor will advise operation to remove the remnants of the dead fetus. The operation is called D/C (dilatation and curettage).

A woman should not get discouraged with missed miscarriage; she has the chance to become pregnant again.