Tips On Sexual Intercourse With Pregnant Woman: When To Avoid?

Question: My wife is 5 months pregnant. Can we perform sex? Will it hurt my baby? What other options can we look for?

Answer: Pregnancy can bring many changes in married life. And one of them is sexual relationship. Both the partners will be eagerly waiting for the new arrival after 9 months of pregnancy. But there will be many questions and queries in their mind during the course of pregnancy, and one such usual query is regarding sex during pregnancy. It is a natural concern for a woman and her partner regarding the consequence of sexual intercourse that may have on the fetus.

The usual questions asked are:

  • Is there any risk of miscarriage and premature delivery after sexual intercourse?
  • Associated risk of infection?
  • Does the fetus get hurt due to pressure on the rounded abdomen?
  • What is the safe position of love making during pregnancy?
  • Are there any other ways that can be practiced to satisfy the urge for intimacy?

Many couples out of fear and anxiety try to suppress their sexual urge during this period.

Tips For Safe Sex During Pregnancy

Following is the information which may be useful:

Yes, sexual intercourse is possible if the woman is in perfect health in her pregnancy period.

The fear of fetus getting hurt should not be a concern, as the fetus is well cushioned by amniotic fluid. An orgasm cannot cause any harm either. During an orgasm the uterus contracts but the contraction is not as powerful as that during labor.

However, for complete safety, there are two sexual practices that a woman must avoid during pregnancy:

  1. Forceful blowing of air in vagina (which should never be done) as it can lead to embolism (an air bubble) which can cause death of fetus or the mother. Therefore if you consider oral sex as an option, your partner should not blow air in the vagina.
  2. Avoid having sex with partner having sexually transmitted disease (STD), which can lead to fetal defects depending on the STD organism involved.

For the first three months, the abdomen may not be so enlarged but later on with growing uterus size, sex in certain positions may become uncomfortable, especially when man is on top. Certain positions are best suited for sex during this period. Lie with your buttocks at the edge of the bed and your feet resting on the chair. Spread your legs so that your partner can be between your legs, facing you. Rear entry or side to side are other options.

When To Avoid Having Sex With Pregnant Woman?

In certain cases your health care provider may restrict you from having sex. Such conditions are:

  • Previous history of miscarriage.
  • Bleeding during and after intercourse.
  • Painful intercourse.
  • Leakage of amniotic fluid.
  • Premature dilatation of cervix. Having intercourse with dilated cervix increase risk of miscarriage or preterm delivery.
  • History of premature births.
  • If there is infection in one or both the partners.
  • If there are twins or more fetuses.

As she is five months pregnant, she must be feeling at ease from the discomforts of first trimester like nausea, vomiting and fatigue. I hope all your queries are cleared.

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  1. MS said:

    My wife is 5 months pregnant. Can we have sex? Is it safe to have intercourse when in this stage of pregnancy. Hopefully it will not harm our baby. Also, you must have a list of precautions to take while having intercourse with pregnant women in different stages of pregnancy.

    September 16, 2010

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