Tonsils during Pregnancy | Natural Remedies for Tonsillitis Prevention

Question: I am 5 months pregnant and it is my first pregnancy. How can you treat tonsils and prevent them during pregnancy? And if any natural remedy which one?


Symptoms of Tonsils:

Tonsils are lymphatic glands that are located in the nasopharyngeal region. These lymphatic glands get inflamed, enlarged and swollen during throat infections (pharyngitis). The other associated tonsillitis symptoms include:

  • Soreness of the throat and painful swallowing
  • Fever without chills
  • Halitosis (i.e. bad odor from the mouth)
  • Hoarseness of the voice
  • The tonsils will appear redder than usual and will be accompanied with swollen glands in the neck

Tonsils during Pregnancy:

  • Ensure that the environment you stay in is temperature regulated.
    Avoid rapid change in external temperatures e.g. Moving in and out of air conditioned rooms frequently.
  • Drink a lot of fluids. The fluids swallowed through the throat will flush the pharynx and help in removal of the bacteria.
  • East smooth foods and avoid spicy and hard foods.
  • Take steam inhalations regularly. Steam inhalations tend to soften the mucosa of the nose and the throat and also increase local circulation, which in turn prevent throat infection due to congestion or secondary infection.
  • Visit your ENT surgeon if you find that tonsillitis is causing disturbed sleep, snoring and mouth breathing.