Rash During Pregnancy: Itching Rashes On Belly In Pregnancy

During the ante natal period women should be made aware of different changes expected in her body, some may be normal and others abnormal.

Skin Rash During Pregnancy

Rash during pregnancy is one such change which is commonly cited in many women. This rash should be differentiated: those occurring due to stretching of abdominal and breast skin and the underneath cellulite, they are in linear pattern often referred to as linea nigra and striae gravidarum. Except for cosmetic outlook, they do not harm the mother or the child.

Abnormal skin rash during pregnancy are differentiated as follows:

  • Specific rashes occurring when a woman is pregnant
  • Non specific rashes occurring at any time and to anyone.
  • Itching in third trimester without rash.

Rash During Pregnancy

Specific rashes that occur only during pregnancy:

  • pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy: rash appear on abdomen and thigh with severe itching, face is always spared in this condition. It is harmless to mother and the fetus. Appears in third trimester.
  • Papular dermatitis during pregnancy: appears during any period of pregnancy, severe itching with red spots all over the body. Harmless to mother and fetus.
  • Prurigo getationis: red rashes with itching, on upper leg and arm. Appear in mid pregnancy and in last weeks of pregnancy. No complication noted.
  • Herpes gestationis: it is rare, itchy rash with fluid filled blebs. Found in mid pregnancy around the belly button. Complication includes necrosis of skin in mother and kidney damage.

Non – specific rash is like any other rash, rash due to insect bite, drug allergies, skin infection etc. it is not related only during pregnancy.

Pregnancy Rashes Third Trimester

Itching without rash occurring in third trimester of pregnancy is due to excess of bile stagnation as a result of decreased working capacity of liver during pregnancy.

Though skin rash during pregnancy is harmless most of the time, professional medical diagnosis is always beneficial for both mother and child.