4 Months Pregnant Symptoms | Week 14 Pregnancy Baby Weight, Growth


I just came to 4th month, but I am not looking like 4th month my stomach not looking so big it is just grown little bit, is it ok?


4 Months Pregnant Body Changes

More than the increase in the abdominal girth, it is important that you consider weight gain as an essential parameter to judge the growth of the child. It is important to realize that changes will be obvious, especially if you are lean and thin. The changes will be limited at this stage if you were already obese prior to the pregnancy.

The abdominal girth will grow considerably only after the fifth month of pregnancy and bring about noticeable changes in your body structure.

Over the entire pregnancy, a healthy average sized female would gain about 11 kgs (20-30 pounds). During the first three months of pregnancy the weight gain is nominal and in the range of three to four pounds, during the second and the third trimester you would ideally gain about twelve pounds and nine pounds respectively. The weight gain is also affected by the weight and body mass index of the female prior to pregnancy.

If you are worried, please get yourself evaluated by your gynecologist. An ultrasound examination of the fetus will help you gain insight into how well the fetus is growing and whether there are any problems.