Pregnancy Stress Effects On Baby | Pregnant Women Stress Affects Fetus


I have completed my six month, I was in lot of stress, I am now worried that stress will affect on my child now what to do? Will my child will be healthy? Does stress have any side effects on baby?


Stress During Pregnancy Effect on Child

Everyone passes through a phase of stress or strain in their life time. But a woman who is pregnant and is under severe stress or suffers from an emotional trauma may have child born with certain deficiencies which may persist in adulthood.

When a person gets stressed, her body produces stress hormone called cortisol.

If the person experiences occasional stress than cortisol may not create any problem, but if the stress is continuous for a long time than the cortisol hormone is too much for the baby to handle. Cortisol can cause high blood pressure problems, the mothers cortisol can reach the baby in the womb and raise the baby’ s set point for high blood pressure forever. This baby when reaches adulthood is likely to suffer from high blood pressure.

Stressed woman usually is malnourished; this can itself cause a problem in the fetus due to the deficiencies of vitamins and other nutrition which the mother may be lacking.

Preterm delivery, or low birth baby are common findings in woman who suffer from excessive stress.

These observations are based on the previous histories of the patients, but it is not always that such things happen. So what you require to do is talk to your doctor about your problem and he will advise you for further investigations, if he feels the need to be done.

First thing you have to do is stop worrying, as this itself will stress you. Think positively and be relaxed for rest of your pregnancy period.

All of us want happy children; happy children are born to happy mothers. So don’t worry and be happy.