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In pregnancy up to which months one can drive two wheelers?


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This depends on your past history. Do you have a history of spontaneous abortions in the past? Has your physician advised any type of special care during the initial months of pregnancy? How long do you travel on the two wheeler? What is your age?

Ideally, during the initial months of pregnancy it is recommended that you take utmost care and avoid any type of strain to the uterus. This consideration is imperative, especially, if you have had spontaneous abortions in the past without any cause.

Also among older women, above the age of thirty years, it is important to avoid traveling on two wheelers, at least for the first three to four months of pregnancy and then during the later stage of pregnancy.

In the initial months the fetus embeds into the uterine cavity and is very fragile. In the later months of pregnancy, excessive movements and rough road rides can stimulate premature delivery, especially if the fetus is too large or too small in size. Women with multiple pregnancies should also take due care.