Pregnancy Fetal Development Stages, Growth, Position Week By Week


After what month does a baby start moving in a mother stomach? What are the causes of fetus not growing at the normal rate?


Pregnancy Fetus Growth

Up to the age of three gestational months, the fetus is small, and organogenesis (i.e. development of various organs) takes place. Up to this gestational age, the various parts of the body are forming and the fetus is relatively smaller in size.

After three months, the fetus gradually increases in size and most of the organs are fully developed. After the age of five months however, as the limbs of the fetus increase in length and size, the mother starts experiencing the fetal movements in the abdomen.

It is important to note that in first-time pregnant women, fetal movements are observed between the eighteen to the twentieth week, while in multipara women, fetal movements may be observed a couple of weeks earlier. However, in case the abdominal muscles are too firm, movements may not be observed up to 24 weeks. In such a situation get yourself evaluated by the gynecologist and get an USG done. This will help you determine if the fetus is growing properly.

The fetus also sleeps, so there is a possibility that you may not experience the movements all the time.

Lie down quietly on the bed for some time and put your hand on the abdomen. If the fetal movements are more than ten times in half an hour, it implies that the fetus is fairly healthy and active.