Postpartum Lower Back Pain Treatment | Backache After Pregnancy Causes


Hi, My wife age is 29 years, she has two children, one is 10 years old and another is 4 years, after last baby born she has been getting lower pain during intercourse and also lower pain and back pain during period. Why is she getting the pain and how to solve the problem?


Post Pregnancy Back Pain Relief

Normal delivery tends to put a lot of strain on the body. It is important to ensure that your wife has adequately recovered from the strains of being pregnant.

  1. Ensure that her diet is rich in calcium and minerals.
    Include milk and diary products, fresh fruits, vegetables, etc in her diet. You could also increase the intake of egg and meat. Calcium and vitamin supplements are essential and should be taken regularly.
  2. Increase the intake of green leafy vegetables, soy, figs, apricot, etc. Alternatively she could use iron and folic acid supplements. Iron supplements tend to cause constipation and aggravates the problem in already constipated individuals, hence natural sources are recommended over the supplements. See upper back spasms in pregnancy
  3. Try out simple yoga exercises to strengthen the muscles of the back.
    Try forward bends, backward bends and sideway bends on regular basis. These will strengthen the muscles of the back and reduce lumbosacral pain.

Finally, if this problem persists, it is important that you get an X-ray of the lumbar and sacral spine done, to verify if there is any underlying pathology. Intrauterine contraceptive devices can also cause pain in the back, especially during sexual intercourse and menstruation.