Normal Delivery Tips: How to Get Normal Baby Delivery in Pregnancy

Question: Can you give me natural tips to deliver baby naturally without cesarean?
Answer: As the pregnancy approaches to its full term, many thoughts arise in a woman’s mind; one of them is whether her pregnancy will be normal or a cesarean.

Tips To Induce Normal Delivery of Baby in Pregnancy

  • Walking is a good exercise if the contractions have started, walking will make the hips to swing sideways and help the baby to bring in proper position during birth. The muscles and the ligaments will also get toned and facilitate easy parturition.
    Standing will make gravitational pull towards baby and pull the baby lower in the pelvis.
  • Eating spicy food helps to deliver normally, as claimed by many women. However precautions have to be taken that lot of spices can cause gastric derangement.
  • Mangoes, papaya and pineapple contain bromelain an enzyme, known to soften the cervix and thus help to facilitate normal delivery at the time of labor. And thus this fruits act as labor stimulant. Fresh fruits are advisable as canned foods will destroy bromelain while it is processed during canning.
  • If nothing works at home than talk to your doctor and take his advice.

In certain cases doctor will opt for cesarean section as in case of baby in breech presentation.