Lunch Ideas For Pregnant Women: Healthy Diet During Pregnancy

During pregnancy you may experience several physical and psychological changes in your body. One change you have to make during pregnancy is eating nutritious food and avoid junk food during lunch hours, if you are working. Above that you need to have 300 more calories in a day.

Even if you are at home you will need different ideas for your lunch. It should have maximum nutritive value for your well being, and your child as well.

Lunch Ideas For Pregnant Women

Some of the lunch ideas for pregnant women are:

  • Lentils are great source of proteins; all you have to do is boil them for 20 minutes till they are soft.
    Now pack them in a plastic container, but before doing that you can add sauteed onion, a table spoon of salsa. It adds a flavor to your food. You may add cheddar for its nutritive value.
  • You can put the above food between the slices of bread to make it a sandwich.
  • You can also add hard boiled eggs to your lunch diet. It is a good source of vitamin and protein.
  • Chicken sandwich is another lunch food easy to prepare with great nutritive value.
  • Vegetables contain folic acids and other vitamins useful for the development of your child.
    Spinach, carrots, cucumber and other vegetables are good lunch idea for a pregnant woman.

Healthy Diet During Pregnancy

  • Fruits such as apples, dates, raisin etc contain vitamin C and B-complex. They are useful for overall well being for mother as well as the child. It is an additional advantage food in the lunch recipe of a pregnant woman.
  • Lastly juices such as orange juice or mango juice or a fresh lime juice is best post lunch food for a pregnant woman.

For the different lunch ideas you consider during pregnancy, be sure to include all the nutrients such as proteins, fats, carbohydrate, vitamin and minerals in your lunch meal.