Low Progesterone Levels In Early Pregnancy: Causes And Symptoms

Progesterone plays a major part in reproduction. Every month, the hormone prepares the uterus for fertilization. It maintains the requisite body-temperature during ovulation. It stimulates thickening of the uterine lining and consequently protects the fetus from bacterial infection. It checks the occurrence of spontaneous abortion. Progesterone also supports milk production. As a result, the hormone is extremely vital for a normal pregnancy.

Causes Of Low Progesterone Levels In Early Pregnancy

  • The primary cause for low progesterone levels is infertility. If the corpus luteum does not synthesize adequate quantities of progesterone, then, the condition is ‘Low Progesterone Infertility’.
  • In the initial phase of pregnancy, the levels of progesterone are twofold, if the woman is healthy. However, occasionally, insulin resistance or estrogen dominance can lead to low progesterone in early pregnancy.
  • No exercise, stress, inadequate diet, and excessive medications, are other causes

Symptoms Of Low Progesterone Levels In Women

  • Bleeding/spotting during the initial phase of pregnancy is the commonest symptom
  • Cramping is a sign of low levels of progesterone.
  • Tenderness / pain in the breasts is suggestive of low levels.
  • Vaginal dryness indicates low progesterone levels.
  • Miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy are important signs
  • Insomnia, unrelenting lower backache, fatigue and depression are also symptoms of low levels of progesterone in early pregnancy.