How to Lose Belly Fat After Pregnancy: Losing Weight After Delivery

Question: Gained a lot of fat around the stomach, 8 months now after delivery. How can it be shed off?

Answer: Weight gain after you have a baby, is an undeniable fact which every women wants to get rid off. Easier said than done, as you are preoccupied with nappy changes and feeding your child, losing baby weight is the last thing that comes to your mind. Once you are settled with your baby, you can plan and start the techniques of losing baby weight, which you had gained during pregnancy. There are some simple measures that can help you lose weight and baby belly fat.

Natural Ways To Lose Belly Fat After Pregnancy

  • Drink about two to three liters of water each day. Replace the intake of beverages like juice and soda by simple lemon water. This will help you cut down on the extra calories.
  • Avoid junk food and instead keep healthy snacks like popcorn, nuts, raisins or wheat crackers at hand. Don’t give in to your desire for junk food, at least until you lose a few pounds.
  • Increase the intake of whole grain breads, whole grain cereals and whole grain pasta, instead of using the refined version.
  • Light exercising will help you. This can be as simple as a 30 minute stroll in the park or a work out with stretches and crunches at home.
  • Continue breast feeding. Breastfeeding can help burn around 500 calories each day, so the more you breast feed the more calories you lose.
  • Finally, if possible ensure that your diet is low in fats, saturated carbohydrates and consumes foods rich in fiber content.
  • Try joining a gymnasium to regularize your workout regimen too. This will also aid in losing the extra fat. The fluid and flowing movements of Yoga are highly beneficial in shedding unwanted weight.