Itchy Nipples Early Pregnancy: Sore Nipple Itching During Early Pregnancy

Itchy Nipples Sign of Early Pregnancy

One of the early signs of pregnancy other than missing a period is having itchy nipples. Almost all pregnant women have encountered itchy nipples early pregnancy at one point.

Causes of Sore Itchy Nipple in Early Pregnancy

The most natural explanations on the causes of nipple itching in early pregnancy include:

  • Increase in breast size.
  • Milk producing glands contributes to extra fat accumulated in the breast
  • Skin gets dehydrated easily
  • Old bras

Itchy nipples in early pregnancy can also be a symptom of other conditions such as:

  • Allergies
  • Nipple eczema
  • Thrush and other fungal infections
  • Persistent itchiness can be a sign of some serious problem like Paget’s Disease

Home Remedies for Itchy Nipples During Early Pregnancy

Some treatment for itchy nipples in early pregnancy, which can help ease the itching include:

  • Use of cocoa butter lotion for preventing stretch marks and relieves itchiness in the nipple area.
  • Pure lanolin can also be used as it acts by moisturizing the nipple to stop the itching.
  • Other moisturizing lotions may be used but not the scented or perfumed ones.
  • Stretched skin is so sensitive such that added chemicals on lotion can cause more irritation.
  • Avoid fragrant and pure soaps that are too drying. Wash the breast area using mild and gentle soaps.
  • Lukewarm plain water without using any soap is also an option.
  • Always listen to your body.
    Avoid getting overheated.
  • Change bra immediately according to the current breast size so that airflow is not restricted.