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Can the following data impregnate a woman. Sperm count:10, Million motility:5% Active, 50% sluggish and 45% dead. Volume: 2.5 Color: Normal. Morphology: 45% Viable.


Sperm CountĀ for Making Women Pregnant

The ideal and normal sperm count is a minimum of 20 million spermatozoa per ml (which in your case is 10 million). The total volume of semen should be a minimum of two ml which means that each ejaculate should have forty million sperms. In your case with 2.5 ml ejaculate the sperm count per ejaculation is about 25 million.

It is normal for 25% of the sperms to be dead, which in your case is 45%, a considerably high figure.

Ideally 30% of the spermatozoa should have normal morphology, which in your case is 45% but unfortunately only 5% are active (which should be at least 25%).

The sperm count seems fairly low along with a few numbers of active sperms; there seems to be a limited possibility of impregnating naturally. However, if you use assisted reproductive technology, like assisted hatching, intrauterine insemination or invitro fertilization, your sperms can be effectively used for reproduction.

There are several causes to low sperm count which include stress, genetic causes, obesity, varicocele, smoking, infections, nutritional deficiencies or use of illicit drugs.