Care During Pregnancy | Health Care Tips For Pregnant Women


I’m a working women and am in the 2nd month of pregnancy. I sit in front of the computer for six hours per day and travel for around 2 kilometer by bike. I have to climb the staircase at least 4 times/day to 1st floor. Is my routine work harmful for my pregnancy and my baby?


Care during the first 3 months of pregnancy is very crucial. You must take certain precautionary measures and avoid over exertion. Traveling on the bike for long journeys is not recommended, especially, if the ride is bumpy.

Sitting at the computer, is not harmful, but make sure, you stretch every hour. Climbing the staircase to the 1st floor, should not be problematic. If these things have been a part of your daily routine, you don’t need to worry. Taking on extra physical or mental stress is not advocated.

Pregnancy Do’s and Don’ts

  • The first trimester (first 3 months) of pregnancy is the most draining. Utmost caution and care is necessary.
  • The principal guideline is to watch your diet. Make sure, that you are eating a well balanced and wholesome diet. Your diet should provide you adequate calcium, folic acid, iron, proteins, and vitamin C.
  • Ensure that you sleep for 8 hours every night, and at least 1 hour in the afternoon. It helps you fight tiredness, and supplies you with a burst of energy.
  • Avoid lifting heavy things.
  • Do not taken on undue exertion.
  • Multivitamin and multimineral supplements are recommended, to makeup for any deficiencies.
  • Eat small meals, frequently through the day. This prevents nausea and acidity from setting in. Never eat too much at one time. It causes bloating and indigestion.
  • Every morning, eat a biscuit or a toast before getting out of bed, this averts a bout of morning sickness.
  • Stay well hydrated, drink 2 liters of water per day. It checks urinary tract infection and constipation.
  • Most importantly practice relaxation techniques to promote mental peace.