Pregnancy Fetus Growth | Fetus Development Weeks And Stages

Question: I would like to ask whether baby is in good health, if I do not have any check up since the beginning of my pregnancy until now. The baby is 3 months already

Answer: Pregnancy is a natural process and may not require specialized medical attention at all times. However there are certain aspects that need to be checked to ensure healthy fetus growth.

  • Over the course of your pregnancy an average women gains approximately 10 – 11 kilograms. Most of the weight gain happens in the second trimester, so keep checking your weight
  • Ideally you should feel fetal movements towards the end of the fifth month of pregnancy.
    This is due to growth in the size of the limbs of the fetus.
  • You will observe other change in your body like increase in the size of your breasts, which are an indication of the physical preparation the body is making to feed the fetus after birth.
  • Ideally you should get immunized against Tetanus Toxoid during pregnancy, to prevent any complications of toxemia during the process of delivery.

Take calcium, vitamin and Omega 3 supplements to ensure a proper growth and development of fetus. You might also want to increase the consumption of milk, fatty fish, green leafy vegetables, eggs, etc, which provide these nutrients.

However, a visit to the physician and a check is recommended to detect any form of fetus deformitiesat at early stage and to ensure that the fetus is growing correctly. You will also require to get immunized. Please do visit your obstetrician at least once during the course of your pregnancy, especially in the second trimester.