How To Get Pregnant With A Girl: Conceiving A Girl Naturally

There are several couples who would be desirous of female girl child. Here are a few simple, natural and scientifically proven techniques to get pregnant with a girl child.

How To Get Pregnant With A Girl?

  1. Having sexual intercourse, a few days prior to ovulation helps in ensuring that you will be blessed with a female child. The female sperm (carrying the X chromosome) is stronger compared to the male sperm (carrying the Y chromosome). Hence the female sperm can survive for a few days in the females reproductive organ, compared to the male sperm which is subsequently eliminated
  2. Female sperm can survive in acidic environment while male sperm can’t survive in similar environment.
    Regulate the pH of your reproductive environment by consuming foods high in calcium and magnesium, which prevent the male sperm from making it to the uterus to fertilize the ovum.

When To Get Pregnant To Have A Girl?

The Chinese baby calendar is a unique technique which suggests what the sex of the child would be, based on the date of conception and age of the women. This calendar suggests increased possibility of a female child; if a couple have sexual intercourse, during a month, which is favorable for the female child. Though not scientifically proven, it works as a useful guide for couples wishing to have a female child

Conceiving A Girl Naturally

Studies have shown that a shallow penetration position is considered to increase the possibility of having a female child.

Shallow penetration position deposits sperms towards the entrance of the vagina which is more acidic compared to the rest of the female reproductive tract, increasing the possibility of conception with a female child.


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