How To Get Pregnant With A Boy: Diet For Conceiving A Boy Naturally

Diet For Conceiving A Boy

Male sperm is relatively more fragile compared to the female sperm and hence increased acidic level of the female reproductive tract reduces the chances of its survival. Avoid foods that are high in magnesium and calcium, when tend to reduce the pH levels making the reproductive environment more acidic.

How To Get Pregnant With A Boy?

Here are a few tips to get pregnant with a baby boy,

  1. Refrain from sexual intercourse four to five days prior to ovulation. This is because the male sperm (carrying the Y chromosome), is relatively faster and fragile.
    It tends to reach the uterus more quickly, but can’t survive for more than 24 hours. Hence, sexual intercourse even a couple of days prior to ovulation, reduces the chances of having a male child.
  2. On the other hand, sexual intercourse on the day to ovulation increases the probability of having a male child. Female sperms (carrying the X chromosome), can survive for longer duration, but are relatively slower compared to their male counterparts. On the day of ovulation, the male sperms will reach their first and fertilize the egg, which in turn ensures that you have a male child.

When To Get Pregnant With A Boy?

Chinese calendar for babies can suggest when a couple should ideally conceive, if they are looking for a male child. This technique is based on the age of the female. There is no scientific evidence about its effectiveness, but is a technique which is used by several couples.

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