Excessive Saliva Production in Pregnancy: Stop Spitting During Pregnancy

Excessive Saliva Production

Women who have a baby on the way sometimes experience this need to spit constantly. This is not a rare occurrence and is actually rather common amongst women who are expecting. Here are some of the reasons why a woman may experience an excessive need to expectorate when they are pregnant:

  • It is a common occurrence for a woman to experience an increase in saliva production when she is pregnant. This is said to be caused by the hormonal changes that a woman goes through during this phase of her life.
  • Another reason why a woman may be producing a lot of saliva that prompts her to spit all the time is hyperemesis gravidarum or a type of morning sickness that is rather severe. This brings about the excessive production of saliva, making a woman want to spit this out.
  • Another possible reason for spitting problems when pregnant is heartburn. Acid in the stomach may go back up your esophagus and irritate it. This acid reflux then triggers the production of saliva.


How To Prevent Excessive Saliva Production In Pregnancy

Some pregnant women want to try and stop the production of saliva at this point since it is rather embarrassing to be seen spitting all the time.

The cause of excessive saliva production at this point is caused by factors that are brought about by the pregnancy, so very little can be done to actually prevent it. To stem the flow, however, you can do try some remedies that seem to have worked for some women.


Home Remedies To Stop Spitting While Pregnant

To stop spitting while you are pregnant, here are a few tips and tricks that women in the same condition found useful when they were faced with the same dilemma:

  • Try cutting up a few limes and putting them in a convenient Zip Lock bag. Suck on one whenever you feel the need to do so. This stems the need to spit your saliva out.
  • Try to cut back on sugary foods and sweets. Since sugar does tend to increase saliva production, minimizing the intake of sweets may also minimize the flow of excessive saliva.
  • Use some ground coffee under your tongue. It actually absorbs the excess moisture that saliva produces and it feels like you are drinking a cup of coffee without having a cup of it in your hand.
  • Sunflower seeds seem to be a popular remedy for this problem and works for a lot of pregnant women. Simply suck on sunflower seeds to help stem the need to spit.