8th Month of Pregnancy – Labor and Delivery Tips for Expectant Mother

Pregnancy Tips during Week 31-34:

8 Month of Pregnancy
8 Month of Pregnancy

Your mind will be full of thoughts regarding labor. When you go to labor and delivery with sufficient knowledge, it can really make a difference. Your long and arduous labor can become a positive childbirth experience.

Am I Up To the Task of Labor:

Pregnant women always question themselves about labor. They are doubtful whether they will be able to cope up with labor.

Labor is definitely a difficult task. But if you have enough knowledge then half the things become easier. With your knowledge you will be able to face everything that comes your way. You will also experience that your partner or husband will be a huge help through your entire childbirth process.

Am I Upto the Task of Motherhood:

All mothers are capable of handling motherhood. Great mothers are not born they are made. Some role of mothering will come to you instinctively without experience. Trial and error methods will help attain perfection.

Practice forms an important part of parenting education. Take the help of other mothers and your pediatrician for tips on motherhood. Reading will also polish your skills. But ultimately listen to your inner voice and apply whatever skills you have learnt accordingly.

Things That Annoy You:

As you progress with your pregnancy you are running short of time. You are irritated with literally everybody – people who touch your stomach, people who offer advice, humorous and entertaining people, interfering neighbor or gossipy colleagues. Don’t lose your head, keep your cool, take a deep breath and remind yourself that though these people are insensitive they are harmless.

Note: You have heard about cases where the babies are born before they reach the hospital. There is no need to worry. These are rare cases. The average labor period runs from twelve to fourteen hours. Most women will have plenty of time to reach the hospital. You can however adopt safety measures –

  • Car should be maintained in good condition
  • The gas tank should be full
  • Plan the route in advance
  • And have enough cash on hand so that you can at least take a taxi if your car spoils in the middle.