Effects Of Premature Birth on Development Of Baby And In Adulthood


I’ve heard that there is more risk to the baby’s life if it is born in the 8th month of gestation rather than the 7th. What is the fact or theory regarding this?

A baby born before 37 weeks of pregnancy is called as premature birth. Premature births are common, especially woman who have multiple pregnancies, woman who is malnourished or some time it has associated hereditary link.

Baby born in 8th or 7th month has high rate of survival if there is good facility of tertiary care, and if there is an NICU available.

8th month premature child has less risk than 7th month baby.

Side Effects Of Premature Birth On Baby Development

  • Because the internal organs are not developed fully there is potential health risk for infection.
  • Low birth weight can cause many problems in later life.
  • Lungs are not fully developed and therefore premature infants pose most serious complication of respiratory distress syndrome, which may need oxygen or even a ventilator.
  • Jaundice is another complication due to infants immature liver.
  • Serious eye problem called retinopathy of prematurity which can result into permanent vision impairment.
  • Cerebral palsy can also be a result of premature delivery in an infant.

Premature Birth Effects On Adulthood

These are some of the complications observed in premature baby.

  • The majority of premature infants become normal children and healthy adults although they remain under weight to their age in first two to three years of age.
  • The incidence of learning disability is higher in premature babies compared to the full term babies.
  • Effect on mother can be stress associated with premature delivery, hemorrhage during delivery and chances of getting infection if cesarean section is performed.