Early Pregnancy No Breast Tenderness: No Tender Breast after Ovulation

One of the signs that women tell them that they are pregnant is the tenderness that they feel in their breasts. How can a woman tell that she is indeed suffering from breast tenderness due to her being pregnant?

Breast tenderness usually happens early in the woman’s pregnancy and manifests itself as a feeling of pain whenever the breasts are touched or bumped. Some women however are lucky enough to go through early pregnancy with no breast tenderness problems and this is what some women want to know about.

Why Do Some Women Suffer from Breast Tenderness and Others Don’t?

The reasons why some women can go through early pregnancy with no breast tenderness problems vary.

Others suspect that it is because of the fact that their breasts have already changed in the past due to a previous pregnancy while others think that it is merely a matter of luck. Those who experience no breast tenderness after ovulation may be the same people who do not suffer from breast tenderness during pregnancy as well. It is all a matter of how the woman’s breasts reacts to the increase in hormones that she experiences during these stages.

What Causes a Woman’s Breasts to Become Tender During Pregnancy?

What causes a woman to suffer from breast tenderness and what is early pregnancy with no breast tenderness causes?

  • When a woman experiences breast tenderness during the early months of pregnancy, it may be because of the changes that the breast tissues are undergoing.
    These changes are necessary for the breast to prepare for the baby and the milk that will soon be in your breasts. Those who go through early pregnancy with no breast tenderness are usually those who have had children in the past and have been constantly breastfeeding their babies, hence the absence of the tenderness that usually comes with the changes the breast goes through.