Crying During Pregnancy: Does Crying Spells While Pregnant Affect Baby

Crying During Pregnancy

Crying spells during pregnancy or getting frequently emotional while a woman is pregnant is deemed psychologically and physiologically normal and is basically attributed to hormonal changes.

Crying While Pregnant

  • Based on scientific evidences, women who have gone through severe depression during the early stage of pregnancy had higher incidence of miscarriage and birth defects.
  • Studies also show that crying during pregnancy bad for baby and causes premature or small-for-date deliveries especially if the cause of severe stress happened within the first trimester.
  • Women of lower socioeconomic standing are more prone to stress and anxiety thus causing medical effects on their fetus.
  • Studies also reveal that having a better disposition during pregnancy reduces abnormal or poor birth weight.
  • After an earthquake of 6.8 magnitude struck California, a case study was conducted among pregnant women and the natural disaster’s effect on pregnant women who were on their first trimester and those who were on their third trimester.
  • The case study aims to answer ‘œdoes crying during pregnancy affect baby?’ The study reveals that babies who were born to women who were at their first trimester during the earthquake were weaker and were more prone to complications than those who were born to mothers who were at their third trimester during the catastrophe.
  • Studies also show that stress and depression have lesser impact on mothers who are at their later stage of pregnancy.
  • To avoid stress, pregnant women are advised to engage in hobbies or talk to some friends and families for support while going through their pregnancy.

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