Castor Oil To Induce Labor: Recipes For Castor Oil Labor Induction

As soon as some women complete 38 to 39 weeks of pregnancy, they become anxious and feel that they are overdue without even giving a second thought of expected due date given by their doctor. And in an attempt to induce labor, some of the women may drink a mixture of castor oil and juice.

Castor Oil To Induce Labor

However in a truly overdue woman, castor oil can be used to induce labor as a natural alternative in combination with other natural technique before medical intervention.

The theory behind Castor oil used to induce labor is that, it causes diarrhea and the smooth muscles of the intestine are irritated resulting in cramps.

Uterus is also a smooth muscle and the irritation is passed to uterus giving rise to increase in the prostaglandin level and uterus contractions.

Recipes For Castor Oil To Induce Labor

  • 3 to 5 hours after drinking castor oil, the pregnant woman will experience diarrhea and contractions of the uterus begins after that. Diarrhea is usually over by the time the woman goes into labor.
  • 2 oz of castor oil or 4 table spoon of castor oil is sufficient for inducing labor.
  • You can drink a mixture of 2 oz of orange juice and 2 oz of castor oil.
    Drink 1 or 2 glasses of water after drinking the mixture.
  • 3 tsp of castor oil, a glass of juice mixed with 1 tsp of baking soda.

For many woman castor oil may be safe to induce labor, but few woman may feel nausea, vomiting together with diarrhea which may cause dehydration. Drink enough water before you try using castor oil for inducing labor.