Carrying Baby Low During Pregnancy: Causes, Precautions, Risks

Carrying Baby Low During Pregnancy

Carrying baby low during pregnancy means your baby is located closer to the pelvis. In such a situation you have to be extra careful.

Precautions While Carrying Baby Low During Pregnancy

Because as the baby is low and closer to the pelvis there are chances of premature delivery, early labor and some time in this situation miscarriage is possible.

Therefore you have to take care, do not lift heavy objects, or perform such activities which will make the baby to come down lower in the pelvis.

If you take proper precautions there are chances that during labor you may get less pain and the labor period may shorten. In fact carrying baby low may be beneficial at the time of delivery.

Causes of Carrying Baby Low During Pregnancy

  • If the muscles of the uterus are weak as in elderly woman, or woman with multiple pregnancy than there are chances of the baby in lower position of the uterus.
  • If the woman has short stature, there is no room for the uterus to expand, and therefore the baby tends to be low.