Breast Enhancement during Pregnancy | How to Increase Breast Size during Pregnancy

Question: I am 24 years of age, married and now 8 months pregnant. I am having small breast since the beginning. I heard that during pregnancy breast size increases but this is not happening with me. Though my overall body weight has increased (besides baby’s weight), the breast size has increased a little. Please advice, what can I do to increase breast size during pregnancy and after delivery.

Breast changes occurring during pregnancy:

In the early stages of the pregnancy, there could be slight soreness and discomfort and enlargement of breast size.

This is usually seen in a primi or a woman pregnant for the first time and may not occur in consequent pregnancies. In some women it may not occur at all. The veins on the breast tissue become prominent. Bumps become obvious around the nipple and aereola. These are called Montgomery’s tubercles.

You need not worry. It is not a cause for concern.

Has there been some increase in the size of the breast?

Sometimes weight deposition occurs disproportionately.

Have you had your regular visits and check-ups with your gynecologist? Make it a habit to do so.

Guidelines to increase breast size:

  • Eat correctly and adequately.
  • Ensure that the meal is a complete and balanced one. It must have carbohydrates, proteins vegetables and fruits, all in the accurate proportion.
  • Never go over board with the energy drinks and protein shakes.
  • Do not depend exclusively on supplements. Let the food supply you with all the required nutrients.
  • Augment your intake of – dry fruits, nuts, milk and its products. These foods fatten and strengthen.


  1. AN said:

    How to increase my breast size .I am 6 month pregnant. I had two abortions and two normal deliveries before. My breast size is even less than my hip size.

    March 2, 2015
    • PUP said:

      Often there may be disproportionate distribution of fat during pregnancy in some woman. Even if there is not much change in your breast size, you should not worry as breast feeding will not be an issue. If you are thin, try to increase your weight by eating lean protein, healthy fat and complex carbohydrates. Eat dried fruits, milk and dairy food. Avoid too much of protein shakes and energy drinks. Try breast massage.

      March 2, 2015

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