Bleeding In Second Trimester: Causes of Bleeding During 12th Week of Pregnancy


My wife is bleeding and she’s 4months 2weeks pregnant, what is wrong with her? What are the causes of bleeding during her Second Trimester?


Bleeding in second trimester of pregnancy can certainly cause worry in every women. During pregnancy there are many bodily changes in a woman, some are due to hormones; others are due to natural increase in size of the uterus.

There are many reasons for bleeding in second trimester of pregnancy and most of them are not to be worried about.

Causes of Bleeding in 12th Week of Pregnancy

  • Problem with cervix: Most of the time, bleeding in 4th month or in second trimester is due to complications arising from cervix.
    Incompetent cervix is the main cause, there may be chances of miscarriage due to cervical incompetency or cervical dilatation, if detected in time and if stitches are taken in cervical region, chances of miscarriage become less.
  • Threatened abortion can cause bleeding in 4th month of pregnancy. Heavy bleeding could be a sign of miscarriage. Threatened abortion can be due to trauma, infection, loss of body fluid resulting into dehydration, or unknown cause. If there is bleeding associated with cramps in the abdomen it is necessary to consult your health care provider. Complete abortion can occur during the second trimester of pregnancy.
  • Some time medical examination can also result in vaginal bleeding, if bleeding is mild there is no cause of worry, but if the bleeding persists for longer duration than you have to inform the doctor.

You have to consult the health care provider regarding her bleeding to find the cause of bleeding.

Your health care provider may advice her for an ultrasound.

Mean while let her take complete bed rest in head low position i.e. The leg end of the bed should be elevated by 6 inches.