21 Weeks Pregnant Women Backache | Pregnancy Lower Back Pain


I’m 21 weeks pregnant. Woke up this morning with lower back pains, and they lasted all day. What should I do?


Pregnancy Back Pain Remedy


  • Lower back pains during pregnancy are a common occurrence. It occurs due to pressure and weight from the expanding uterus. Only if the pain is excruciating and lasts for a prolonged period of time it should be a cause for concern.
  • Is the pain severe or mild? Try to avoid taking any form of pain killer. It is not recommended. Instead you could opt for Homoeopathic drug, Kali Carb.
    This homoeopathic remedy alleviates back pains effectively. It eases the pressure and lowers the uneasiness caused due to the pain. Take the remedy once daily, for a week, and then, as and when required.
  • Importantly, keep your posture right. Avoid slouching. Also, avoid lying down on your back. Sleep on any of the sides.
  • Consuming foods that are rich in vitamin C is advised. Vitamin C is known to reduce back ache. Increase your intake of limes, sweet limes, oranges, bell peppers, and guavas. They are excellent sources of the vitamin, and will be highly beneficial for you.
  • Most importantly, do not lift weights and do not over exert yourself. Take ample rest and work slowly, at a pace that is comfortable.
  • Also, consulting your gynecologist is advocated.

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