2nd Month Of Pregnancy: Baby Size At 6-10 Weeks & Monthly Check Up

Baby at second month of pregnancy includes the development of the baby from week sixth to tenth. The fetus is about an inch long now. It has advanced to the size of a raspberry. The unborn baby will grow about an inch long at the end of the month.

  • The fetus which was curled in the earlier month will start to straighten and lengthen.
  • The tail disappears.
  • The closed eyes start moving from the sides of the head to a permanent position.
  • The face is further defined by a nose and jaw.
  • By tenth week buds of twenty tiny baby teeth are present in the gums.
  • The palate and vocal chords also form around this time.
  • By the end of month two important systems are nearly completed. Soft bones begin to develop. The liver starts manufacturing red blood cells.
  • The right and left hemispheres of the baby’s brain are fully formed. And the brain cell mass grows rapidly.
  • The brand new organs that are formed also undergo functioning. The liver secretes bile, pancreas produce insulin and heart chambers are formed.
  • Gastric juices are produced in the stomach and the intestines move up into the abdomen by the end of the month.
  • The baby floats in about ten teaspoon of amniotic fluid.
    But it has enough place to stretch the muscles that are developing. But because of the very tiny size you will not notice the movements presently.
  • External sex organs begin to differentiate in this month but they are not visible on ultrasound.

How To Get The Most Out Of Monthly Check-ups?

This will probably be your second appointment after your preliminary one last month. You will have to give your urine sample, get your blood pressure checked and get yourself weighed. You will be asked about your continuing pregnancy symptoms and development of any new ones. Your provider will examine your abdomen externally to determine the size of your uterus.

You can interact directly with your doctor during your monthly check up. Note down all the questions and doubts that arise in your mind and carry the list with you during check-up. This will help you in case you go blank when you visit the doctor’s office.

Your health provider may sometimes forget to ask about your health concerns due to the busy atmosphere. So stop her politely before she leaves the room and let her know that you have a few questions. Never feel that you are overbearing. And make sure that your questions are answered before you leave. In most cases she will reduce your anxieties and educate you.

If blood tests for Rh factor and Rubella antibodies were not taken at your earlier appointment for whatever reason. Then these additional tests will be taken this month.


  1. Rux said:

    My wife is 27yrs, and 9 week pregnant. during very first Gynecologist visit she has not suggested for any test. But during second visit to Gynecologist, she suggested only (a) USG Lower Abdomen and Pelvis. Along with that she suggested (a) tab Folinext and (b)Cyp. Polybion

    My wife having no problem regarding pregnancy, till date.

    Now, my question is that, whether the suggested tests are sufficient at this stage or some other courses are also required.

    August 28, 2009
  2. SJ said:

    I’m pregnant, and slowly recovering from finding out that I am going to have twins. I am worried they may be born prematurely and something bad might happen. I’m had dreams where they may die, and I am really worried, is there anything i can do to stop myself thinking of these sinister things?

    September 23, 2009
  3. Rachael said:

    My friend is 2 months pregnant and she just found out that she has herpes. Is it possible to deliver the baby with out the baby contracting the disease? Is it going to be a healthy delivery?

    January 27, 2012

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