Ninth Month of Pregnancy Symptoms | Week 36-40 of Pregnancy Signs

9 Months Pregnant: Week 36-40 Pregnancy Symptoms

You are tired but happy as your estimated date is nearing. But remember that delivery date is just estimation. So don’t feel let down if it takes a few days longer.

9 Months Pregnancy Symptoms: Tired of Being Pregnant

  • You are eagerly waiting for the labor to set in as early as possible. You have suffered a lot. Your breasts ache, your belly itches, you are able to sleep only for a few hours and nothing seems to fit you. Enjoy the final sensations of your child moving inside you as you approach your delivery date.
    The subtle nudges, elbow and knee bumps and hiccups are movements that make you realize that you are not alone.
  • If your due date has passed by and your cervix hasn’t changed then you will be tempted to try some home therapies. Almost every woman has heard about these labor inducers that include spicy food, herbal preparations, and castor oil. Remember, these can only increase your nausea or put you in danger. Keep away from all these therapies. Consult your doctor he will be the best person to guide you to what is safe and what isn’t during this crucial ninth month of pregnancy.

Irritable and Anxious When you are 9 Month Pregnant

Your level of discomfort increases as your sleep is getting reduced day by day. This will irritate you and you will get provoked easily. Stay away from people who irritate you. This is best- short term solution to keep your cool.
Women pregnant for the first time will be filled with anxiety that birth is approaching. Take a deep breathe and recollect what you learned is childbirth class. Talk to your partner or labor coach about relaxation methods to overcome anxiety. Fearfulness of the unknown is very natural, but don’t let the fear control your labor.

Even if you have delivered earlier, you may still be anxious about the baby’s arrival. Maybe you have opted for a different kind of labor and birth plan, or you maybe worried how your elder child will react to the arrival of a new baby. Talk this out with your partner. You can still question your doctor about labor and delivery if anything is in your mind. Convince yourself you have gone through this thing earlier and will be able to do so now.

Excited and Happy, another Symptom in the Ninth Month of Pregnancy

The time is not far off when you will be able to see the little one who lived in your womb, kicked and moved about. This little will give you the title of a mom. You will be excited and elated. Who is she going to resemble? How are you going to hold the baby for the first time? Enjoy these final days of waiting.