Ninth Month of Pregnancy – Tips and Advice for Expectant Father

Pregnancy Week 36-40 – Tips for Fathers:

The time is almost there when you will actually get into the parenting act. Your partner will need you more than ever now. Shower her with a lot of affection as the due date approaches.

Getting Her to the Hospital –

  • You will be having nightmares that your baby is born on the way to the hospital. On an average first time moms will be in labor for about fourteen hours. This should clear your doubts and ease you. And women in later pregnancies will be in labor for almost eight hours.
    So you have plenty of time to reach the hospital.
  • Fill the car tank with fuel whenever it reaches half-empty mark. You may forget quite a few things when she senses labor. So it is better to make a checklist. Carry one overnight bag, plenty of change for phone calls, list of phone numbers.
  • Many hospitals do not allow the use of cell phone inside the building as it poses risk to the sensitive medical equipment. So carry your calling card or a pocketful of change to make the long list of phone calls.

False Alarms –

Many first time moms to be rush to the hospital sure that they are just hours away from delivery. But they are told that they have dilated just a few centimeters. This is a very big let down for a very pregnant woman. Her agony is increased if she is past her due date and is sent back home from hospital with the baby still in the womb. She feels that she has been pregnant for ages now. She may loose her temper, cry, and feel frustrated and annoyed. Even you may feel disheartened with the delay. But hide your feelings, put a brave front and console her, lend her a shoulder to cry on.

Running Interference –

Attend all the phone calls yourself. This will help reduce your partners stress significantly. It is most likely that relatives, friends, neighbors and colleagues who know the due date will call up to know the situation. This can be a nuisance as the due date draws near.  But when the due date has passed then it is unbearable. Tell your wife that you will attend the calls and pass on necessary information. If things go out of control, you can tell the callers that they will be informed immediately if anything productive happens.