36 Week Pregnancy Stomach Pain Relief | Backache in Month Nine Pregnant


My wife is having severe pain in back and lower part of her stomach and both sides of the legs. Can you please suggest any remedy for it so she can be relaxed from the pain?  She is pregnant and in 36th week.


By the end of this week your wife will be full term, meaning the baby can be delivered any time now.

Ninth Month Pregnant and Baby Dropping

In 36 week of pregnancy the female can feel increased pressure in her lower abdomen and notice the sensation of baby gradually dropping; this is called lightening or engagement.

In this situation walking becomes more uncomfortable.

How ever she can perform self help gentle walking and stretching exercise to relieve the stiffness and pain.

Lying down for a while helps a lot, try to avoid sitting in one position for a long time. Sleep with pillow between the thighs so that the pubic bones are more aligned.

Massage: A gentle massage can ease her backache.

Aromatherapy: Let her relax in a warm bath with essential oils such as oil of lavender or marjoram this can relax her stretched muscles.

Use of warm water bottle, or warm water compresses with two drops of oil can give much needed relief to the backache and thigh pain.

As the ninth month approaches, the anxiety of the woman increases, calm her anxiety by various ways, such as listening to music, making her more comfortable in her daily activities.

It is also advisable to consult the doctor, to rule out other causes of such pain.

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