Eighth Month Pregnancy Baby Growth | Baby Weight during Week 31-34 of Pregnancy

Pregnancy Week 31-34 Baby Development:

  • The baby starts to gradually move to a head down posture. This is known as vertex posture and about ninety five percent of the babies are born in this position.
  • Babies who do not assume vertex position are said to be in breech position.
  • The baby may be standing or sitting if you are experiencing a lot of kicking on the pelvis even now. She may also be in a sideways or transverse position.
  • Your baby now weighs about five pounds and is about eighteen inches long.
  • The rest of her body is catching up with the size of her head.
  • She will be sleeping about ninety to ninety five percent of the day. But you may feel that she is constantly awake.
  • If your child is born around this time, then she has all the possibilities of surviving. But she will be considered premature or preterm.
  • Birth before thirty seven weeks of gestation is termed premature.