6 Months Pregnant: Diet, Food, Parenting Tips For Pregnancy in Week 26

Health Care Tips When You Are 6 Months Pregnant

Take advantage of these final days of comfort as you are entering the third trimester. Sit back and enjoy your pregnancy.


Pamper Yourself

Pamper yourself as it helps relieve pregnancy symptoms. Spend a lazy afternoon in bed with a good book, relax in a warm tub, and take up a long drive without any destination or make an appointment at the spa. Pampering can relieve your pregnancy symptoms, recharge you for the future and give you special time to reflect on your future.

Make use of the special conveniences available to you right now. Use valet service to park rather then walking all the way from the parking lot, shop at stores which have special services for pregnant women, order healthy food from outside if you are too tired to cook. You can even snooze in the afternoon. Make the best use of time now.

Don’t Stress

Stress isn’t good for you and your baby. Reduce your stress by pampering yourself in one good way. But some women are too busy worrying about all the things they should be doing.

And so are unable to enjoy self-indulgence. If you are one of them, do not force yourself for relaxation. It will only add to your burden, leave you tense and is a waste of money and time.

Instead you can use that same money to buy something from your “to do list’. Besides you can have the groceries delivered at home, paint the baby’s room, hire a cleaning service and send out the laundry. If your financial resources are limited, take the help of your near and dear ones for all the chores.

Spending Time with Siblings to Be in Your 6th Month of Pregnancy

Your siblings will be curious to note the changes in your body. They will have a lot of questions in their mind. Their emotions are filled with mixed feelings now. They will look out for the arrival of a new little brother or sister with enthusiasms. But on the other hand he will have doubts about how he will fit in the family now onwards.
And when you spend more time visiting the doctor, going to birth classes and trying to get everything on the list done, the insecurities in the child will intensify. Make sure you spare some time with the child. Read, talk or play with them every day whenever you have an opportunity. This bonding is necessary and you will both benefit from this special time spent together.

Couple Time:

You are in the limelight because of your pregnancy. You are now in your sixth month of pregnancy. All your attention is towards the demands of your unborn baby. You may be considering yourself and your baby more of a couple now. Do not neglect your husband and take him for granted. Make him feel that he is playing a valuable role in this pregnancy. Spare time to connect with him physically and emotionally.

These maybe your last few months of freedom. Enjoy the freedom; spend time doing your favorite things and activities together.

Sugar substitute aspartame is safe for most pregnant women. But limit yourself to only one diet drink a day to be on the safer side. However, avoid aspartame if you are diagnosed with hyper-phenylalanine (high levels of amino acid phenylalanine in your blood stream). High levels of this amino acid can damage the brain so stop using the product immediately. People with genetic disease or advanced liver disease should also avoid it.

Question: I am able to take my food properly as I am 6 month pregnant.  Guide me what type of food I should have.


Diet Tips for 6 Months Pregnant

  • Every bite counts in pregnancy, the food that the mother eats affects the child. Healthy food by the mother results in healthy child. It was seen that women dependent on junk food had premature babies, malnourished baby.
  • A well balanced diet comprising of proteins, carbohydrates, fat, minerals, vitamins are required for well development of the fetus.
  • You are in 6th month of pregnancy the dietary supplements to be taken are as follows:
  • The calcium intake of the fetus increases, so you have to take more calcium containing food, milk is one good source of calcium.
  • Eat more fiber food to prevent constipation. Green leafy vegetable are rich source of fiber.
  • Drink plenty of water and prevent urinary tract infection.
  • Do not eat spicy food, as it may cause burning in the stomach.
  • Vitamin and iron supplements can be beneficial.