5 Weeks Pregnant: Development, Changes, Concerns And Self Care

Pregnancy is a joyous experience, but it can also be extremely worrying, because of the changes in your body, and concerns for your child. You will also experience a flurry of emotions and mood swings that may be hard to cope with.

Keeping yourself well informed with literature on the subject will help see you through these months, and help you care for yourself and the baby. Here are some important tips and hints for you to help you when you are 5 weeks pregnant.

Development During 5th Week Of Pregnancy

  • At a tenth of an inch or one and half to three millimeters, the embryo at this stage is just about the size of a resin.
  • The development of various bodily parts will begin, with the digestive, nervous, respiratory and circulatory systems taking shape.
  • The formation of the skeletal structure and skin and hair growth will also begin in this stage.
  • The heart will also begin early contractions that will gradually become distinct beats.
  • Although ultrasounds are not used this early, if it were to be used it would most likely detect the baby during this stage.

Physical And Psychological Changes At 5 Weeks Pregnant

  • There are unlikely to be very many marked changes in your body this early, but if you haven’t already experienced morning sickness, you will most likely begin to experience it now.
  • Morning sickness generally surfaces in the morning or is more severe during these early hours. Some women however, may endure this symptom throughout the day and during the night as well. This symptom, no matter how unpleasant, has generally been indicative of a healthy pregnancy.
  • You may experience headaches, due to a rise in hormones during this period.
  • You may experience queasiness with certain odors or smells.
  • You may feel like you’re bloated and retaining abnormally high amounts of water, with a constant need to visit the bathroom. This however, is normal and is the result of improved filtration in the kidneys.
  • Mood swings are another common problematic symptom. These are similar to the normal PMS mood swings and will last throughout the pregnancy.
  • Some women may not experience most or all of these symptoms and this should not be a cause for worry.

Week 5 Of Pregnancy – Common Concerns

A pregnancy test at this stage will most likely show a positive result, but not always. If you do not get a positive result however, don’t be disappointed as there are quite a few women whose results do not show up as positive until a week or so later.

The possibility of a miscarriage is most worrying and is generally most common during the first trimester. Miscarriages generally occur due to chromosomal problems or mother’s health issues. Most occur due to chromosomal problems, but the mother’s health can be a cause for concern particularly if the mother smokes, drinks, or is on drugs, whether prescribed or un-prescribed. Infections or undetected cervical and uterus problems could also be problematic.

A prenatal visit is important at this stage, so if you haven’t yet finalized an appointment, go ahead and do so. If you have not done this now, or before you were 5 weeks pregnant, its a good idea to do this soon.

Prenatal tests will be an important aspect of health care for both you and your baby. The careful monitoring and blood-work will ensure a safe and healthy pregnancy.

Consult your health care provider for an ideal diet and the recommended weight gain, based on your weight and health status.

Self Care During 5th Week Of Pregnancy

  • While certain activities may be detrimental to your health and that of your baby, some amount of activity and exercise is essential. Walking or yoga are healthy options, but don’t stress yourself too much. If planning any exercise routine find one specifically for pregnant mothers.
  • X-Rays, household chemicals, and sources of radiation are hazardous and should be avoided. The use of certain topical applications should also be avoided; hair dyes and bleaches would fall into this category.
  • Consumption of raw meat or rare meat is also best avoided.
  • Avoid lifting heavy objects – this is not just when you are 5 weeks pregnant – but during your entire pregnancy.
  • Make sure you follow health and hygiene practices that would normally be recommended, and avoid contact with any possible carrier of disease, including sick patients or animals.
  • Not all strenuous activities increase risk of miscarriage or endanger your baby, so don’t shun all vigorous activity. Consult your health care provider to make informed decisions.
  • Spotting or heavy bleeding should be reported to your health care practitioner immediately as could be warning signs of a miscarriage. Other signs of miscarriage like an intense lower back pain or excessive discharge are more noticeable.
  • Contact your doctor at the earliest if your morning sickness is so severe that you are unable to keep your food down.
  • If you have been experiencing pregnancy symptoms, but they suddenly vanish, it would be wise to consult your doctor.


  1. Mj said:

    This is to meadows abiola. I am 4 or 5 weeks pregnant and I had an ultrasound and it showed that I was pregnant. they thought I was 15 weeks so they did the ultrasound but found out I was way less than that. My last period was 2-5-09 but they only think I am about 4 or 5 weeks pregnant now. it has been a crazy roller-coaster!

    May 25, 2009
  2. Maricris said:

    My last period was June 20th, 2010 and I should be around 8 weeks pregnant by now but only found out that I am about 5 weeks. It’s so weird! I’m going to the lake today and I’m going to jump off this 12 foot cliff to the water and I’m sort of concerned that it will do something to the embryo. I had a ultra sound yesterday and I saw a little dot. Pretty cool and exciting!

    August 24, 2010
  3. al said:

    This is wonderful advice during the pregnancy. And best in 5 or 6 week pregnancy, because the embryo has been a mass of cells and its shape begin now. Embryo receives nourishment from its mother in 5th week. In the pregnancy a women has to be physical and mentally strong.

    October 2, 2010
  4. CK said:

    I have a fracture of my right little finger. My doctor advised for X-ray. All precautions were taken and wore a covered shield during X-ray. Will it cause any problem to my baby? I am pregnant.

    April 19, 2014
    • PUP said:

      You have not mentioned how many months you are pregnant. However, with all the precautions that you have taken, the risk is very minimal for causing damage to the fetus. However, you have to talk to your doctor to get your doubts clear.

      April 20, 2014

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