5 Months Pregnant | Signs and Symptoms At 21 – 22 Weeks Pregnancy


I’m 5 months pregnant. I feel very tired and breathlessness when I work. Is this normal or something to worry about? How do I manage this?


Signs and Symptoms at 5 Months Pregnancy

There is no need to panic. It is quite common to feel tired and weary during pregnancy, especially during the first  4 – 5 months. Being pregnant puts a strain on to the entire body, which can make you very tired. If you’re still feeling extremely exhausted after the 5th month, consult your gynecologist. Occasionally, some women continue to feel tired throughout their pregnancy.

Fighting Fatigue

  • Take adequate rest. Start by going to bed earlier than usual. Also, take a nap during the day. Even a 20 -minute of shut-eye can make a huge difference to the energy level.
  • Cut out on pointless social commitments and avoidable housework.
  • Ensure that your are eating well. A wholesome nutritios diet is very important to combat physical and mental fatigue. Cut down on junk and processed foods. Eat foods that give you a burst of energy and are loaded with iron. Enhance your intake of raisind, dates, beet, carrots, tomatoes, wheat and millets.
  • Make sure, you are well hydrated. Drink ample water and fluids through the day.
  • Get some moderate exercise every day.
  • Most importantly, practice some form of stress-relieving techniques everyday.