Pregnancy Week 18 Fever, Causes | Pregnant Week 18 Fetal Health


My sister she is 5th month pregnant and from the day of pregnant she is getting continuous fever, it is up to 101 degree fever is that good or bad. Please let me know?


Pregnancy Week 18 Fever

It is definitely harmful for the mother and the fetus. What kind of fever is it? Is it associated with chills? Have there been any problems with normal weight gain during pregnancy? Does the fever come at specific periods during the day?

It is critical that the underlying cause for long term fever needs to be evaluated.

There are several possibilities which include – malaria (which is manifested in the form of fever with chills occurring at specific times during the day), typhoid (which is manifested in the form of continuous fever with gastro intestinal symptoms like diarrhea, vomiting or abdominal pain), urinary tract infection ( evident in the form of fever with chills with burning and painful urination) or viral infection ( which is characterized by weakness, tiredness, lethargy along with continuous fever)

Certain things that you need to do to evaluate the underlying condition and its impact on the fetal health

  1. Get general blood investigations done to understand the problem.
    Get a smear for malaria parasites to understand if the fever is due to malaria
  2. Get an ultrasound scan done. This is important to evaluate the progress of the pregnancy and the fetal growth
  3. Ensure that your sister visits the physician. It is important to detect the cause, or else it may affect the health of the fetus and further complicate the process of child birth