10 Tips for 5 Months Pregnant Women To Avoid Back And Body Aches

Tips to avoid back aches, leg and body pain during the 5th month of pregnancy

  • Sit straight – Choose a chair that provides good support to the lower back. Maintain good posture when you are sitting. A small pillow maybe used for support or a special support pad can be used for your chair.
  • Stand tall – Standing in a perfect posture helps ease back pain to a large extent. Keep your center of gravity in your spine and pelvis rather than your belly.
  • Practice your pickups – Sometimes you may have small children who have to be lifted occasionally.
    In such cases bend and use your leg muscles to lift things. Avoid bending from the waist and lifting with your back to prevent injuries.
  • Avoid twists and turns – Avoid quick reflexes now. A sudden simple move like quickly turning at the waist to get out of bed may strain the back. So, when you are rising from a chair use your arms as a support.
  • Warm up – A warm pad on the back, hips or other sore spots may help relieve pain.
  • Sensible footwear – High heels should be avoided at all costs.
    They are uncomfortable and will stress the spine further.
  • Massage – You can now indulge yourself in regular massage. Hire the services of a licensed massage therapist who is especially experienced in prenatal massage.
  • Foot Rest – If you have to stand for long periods then alternately rest each foot on a step. Use a low stool to rest your feet while sitting.
  • Exercise – Start with some stretching and flexibility exercises if you haven’t done so already. Consult your health provider for approval and recommendations. If you have a history of back problems or the pain is bothering, you may be asked to approach a physio-therapist.
  • Fluff and stuff – Always sleep on your side with a pillow placed between your legs. This will align your spine and improve your sleeping posture. A beanbag or full-sized body pillow will help support your back and belly as well.

If round ligament pain seems to be increasing, buy a belly support band or belt. It is available at many maternity and baby supply stores. These bands support your growing abdomen and may reduce your ligament and lower back pain.