Pregnancy Emotions During 4th Month Of Pregnancy: How To Deal?

Now as the uncertainties of the first three months of pregnancy are left behind and discomforts of late pregnancy lay far off you are bringing everything under control to normal. You will feel much better and have more energy.

You will want to work like you did earlier. But your family, friends and co-workers will give you the tag of a pregnant woman and may try to help you even in smaller things where you don’t need help. All the pampering is quite nice, but to a limited extent.

Small favors that help ease the discomforts of pregnancy are acceptable.

Examples like giving you an earlier turn while standing in a queue, arranging a cushy chair in conference room, closer parking space, carrying your shopping bags are favors that are acceptable.

But refuse to take any help if they are treating you like a delicate doll or trying to cut back on tasks that you are perfectly capable of doing.

Dealing With Pregnancy Emotions During Fourth Month

You are awe struck when you start sensing the first movements of the baby within you. Your mothering emotions come to the defense. Feelings like protectiveness, nesting, nurturing and harshness to anybody who poses a threat to the well-being of the child are aroused.

These pregnancy emotions look exaggerated to the husband and near and dear ones. Your child’s well-being becomes your top priority now. Anybody with a cold can be asked to leave the room. Similarly people, who are smoking, will be briefly informed about the side effects on the baby. You are not doing anything unusual or unreasonable. A developing fetus can be easily affected so precautionary measures are essential.

You may also have dreams that are disturbing, strange and realistic. These are common in pregnancy. If anything is in your mind it is reflected in your dreams.

They may reflect concerns of your baby, future and family. Pregnancy hormones and insecurities about the future are responsible for making it appear larger than life.