Third Month Pregnancy Symptoms: Increase in Body Weight

As you are completing the first trimester you maybe coping with your forgetfulness, and also learning to love your changing body.

Forgetfulness during 3rd month of pregnancy:

You will have a lot of things going on in your mind. As a result you may develop forgetfulness. You may have placed something just a minute before and forgotten now. You may be searching madly for it for around half an hour being clueless. Memory is definitely affected during pregnancy. Though the definitive cause has not been traced, Pregnancy hormones, stress and lack of sleep are considered some of the contributory factors.

Women in their second trimester of pregnancy who complained of memory problems had lower blood levels of the neurotransmitters (brain chemicals) nor epinephrine, epinephrine and serotonin as compared to non-pregnant women.

You feel helpless and confused when you misplace things or forget appointments. Don’t stress your memory unnecessarily. To cope up start writing notes, stick to routine like placing certain things in certain places only, use an electronic organizer or advance phone call reminder for service appointments. In this manner you can stay reasonably organized even during this hectic schedule.

Increase In Body Weight During Pregnancy

Do not get too obsessed with your weight goal.

Checking your weight at every appointment is a routine and should not be a test where you pass or fail. Remember that it is the only source for your doctor to make sure that your baby is growing on time. Do not compare your weight with others who have delivered before you. Comparisons can affect mind set.

Weight goals were different in earlier days. Ideal pregnancy weight today is fifteen to twenty pounds more than earlier times. So do not brood if older relatives, friends and relatives talk about their own minimal weight gain and return to pre-pregnancy weight.

Weight gain should be individualized to a mother’s Body Mass Index. Remember low birth weight babies are the results of inadequate weight gain.

This is the right time to buy yourself some maternity clothes if you haven’t bought them earlier. Pick up something that is stylish, comfortable and makes you feel good.