3 Months Pregnant: 11-15 Weeks Pregnant: Mothers Weight, Nutritious Diet

Your Body Changes During the 3rd month of Pregnancy

You may now sport a protruding belly. You will be feeling proud that you have taken your child through the first three critical months of growth. This is an extra special moment for many women.

The uterus is about the size of a soft ball now and stretches to just about the pubic bone. On an average, about two to four pounds of weight is gained for the first trimester. If you have been suffering from nausea and vomiting then weight gained maybe below average.

If you observe that a certain “not-so-nutritious” food like pizza and pepperoni is helping keep you down NVP symptoms, then go for it. Do not feel guilty. At this point, keeping down food and gaining energy are top priorities. If your stomach is able to take it, try healthier versions like vegetables and extra cheese over pepperoni. Most women report improvement or complete disappearance of morning sickness by the end of the first trimester.

Weight gain will pick up in the second trimester and will reach it’s peak in the third trimester. Overweight women will be encouraged to gain slightly less.

Women with multiple pregnancies and underweight women will be expected to gain more weight. Ask your doctor about your weight goal.

About three hundred extra calories per day is all that you require to fulfill your baby’s nutritional needs. So don’t take the phrase “eating for two” too seriously. Gaining too much weight can increase the aches and pains of pregnancy, may increase blood pressure and put extra strain on your back.

Focus on a healthy diet and regular exercise. Do not get obsessed with weighing scale. The ultimate goal of pregnancy lies in your and your baby’s health.

Note: Avoid eating king mackerel, shark, tile fish and swordfish. Although these large fishes are packed with protein and nutrients, they may contain high levels of mercury which will hamper the development of the baby’s Central Nervous System. Pregnant women are advised against eating more than twelve ounces of cooked fish in any form.

Feeling’s of a Three Month Pregnant Mother

There will be a decrease in HCG levels due to which nausea and vomiting symptoms will reduce. But there will be an onset of gastrointestinal disorders like gas, constipation and occasional heartburn. An increase in progesterone levels will slow down the functioning of the digestive system, leading to constipation. The fetus exerts pressure on the intestine as it grows and adds on to the problem.

Prenatal vitamins with added iron and iron supplements can also cause constipation. Talk to your provider for a dosage adjustment or for an extended release formula. Appropriate exercise, plenty of water intake and increase in dietary fiber may provide some relief. Laxatives or stool softeners should be taken only under medical supervision.

Gas becomes a source of embarrassment and discomfort. Intake of fiber that is used to eradicate constipation can aggravate gas problems further. Intake of carbonated drinks, broccoli, onions, beans and cabbage should be cut down as they can worsen the problem. Avoid large meals and prefer small frequent snacking.

Other symptoms that may continue or begin during the third month of pregnancy include:

  • Nausea
  • Fatigue
  • Nasal congestion and runny nose
  • Tender breasts
  • Headache
  • Frequent urination
  • Increased saliva
  • Occasional dizziness or fainting

Baby’s Development During the End of the First Trimester

  1. During this phase, your baby’s reproductive organs start to develop. Gender determination with ultrasound is still not possible at this stage.
  2. You can see ears forming.
  3. Toenails and Fingernails begin to develop.
  4. Your baby should be about 3.5 inches long and should weigh approximately 1 ounce (28 grams). This is just the average weigh and length during the 3rd month. Do not panic if your baby’s height and weight do not match these numbers.
  5. In short, during the last month of the first trimester, you baby is almost fully formed. Arms, legs, ears, fingers and toes will start moving (open and close).

This, the 3rd month of pregnancy, is the most crucial and the dangers of miscarriage and other complications are drastically reduced as your baby has almost completely formed and should do great from here on.