Month 2 Pregnancy – Mother Body Changes, Feelings: Emotion at 6 -10 Weeks of Pregnancy

Body Changes to Expect When You are 2 Months Pregnant (5-8 weeks of pregnancy)

This month will give you a feeling of being pregnant. The HCG levels will rise to the peak and then decline during the middle of this month. The placenta starts producing progesterone and estradiol hormones. A few new pregnancy symptoms will be noticed with the rise and fall of hormonal levels when you are 2 months pregnant.

Your waistline is increasing even though you have not put on any significant weight.

  • There is a change in the texture of the hair and skin during pregnancy. Even hair that was fine and thin will become thick and shine during pregnancy. The skin may be flawless, blemish free and may glow.
  • Sometimes hair thinning and breakage; and acne problems may also be seen.
  • Pigmented areas of the skin, freckles and moles are bound to darken. Use a good Sunscreen with a high Sun protection factor (SPF) to protect from hyper-pigmentation.
  • Pregnancy gingivitis occurs, where in your gums bleed when you brush your teeth. To maintain healthy gums and teeth brush and floss regularly.
    A warm salt water rinse may soothe swollen gum tissues. Avoid it if you have high Blood Pressure.
  • Now is the best time to visit your dentist and get your teeth thoroughly cleaned. Leaning back in a dental chair in the following months will become difficult.

What You Could Feel Like During Your Second Month of Pregnancy

Image - 2 months pregnantThe rotating movements in the stomach continue even during this second month of pregnancy. There is an increase in nausea and vomiting because the HCG level is very high. On the positive aspects your NVP may start getting better during the end of the month as the HCG level begins to fall. In this month even women who do not suffer from morning sickness are bound to feel tired out. Pay attention to your body demands and take some rest.

Other 2 month pregnancy symptoms that are already present or may start, include:

  • Urinating frequently.
  • Increase in discharge.
  • Larger, tender breasts.
  • Headaches
  • Increase in saliva.
  • Gas or indigestion.
  • Nasal congestion and/or a runny nose.
  • Occasional dizziness or faintness.

Note: Toxoplasmosis is a parasite infection and poses a threat to women during pregnancy. It has dangerous effects and can damage the brain and cause medical problems in an unborn child. The infection maybe passed from infected cat feces and undercooked meat. If you have a cat at home avoid litter box duties. Wear gloves and wash your hands thoroughly after working outside in garden.

Baby’s Condition During Week 5-10 of Pregnancy

There are significant changes occurring your baby when you are 2 months pregnant. Here are some of them:

  1. The heart is clearly divided in two chambers (left and right) and has started pumping. One of the early signs of life inside you!
  2. The embryo has a tail when the fertilization occurs. That will gradually vanish during this month and the next.
  3. There will be subtle signs of arms and legs being formed.
  4. The baby’s skin is kind of transparent at this stage. You will be able to see the veins under the skin in certain ares on the baby.
  5. While you are 8 weeks pregnant, your baby is called the embryo, but in 10 weeks time, the embryo will be term as the fetus.
  6. In about 12 weeks the baby will be about 5.3 cms long and will start kicking and stretching.


  1. kathy said:

    The first day of my last period was Dec 5th 2009.
    I did a pregnancy test for the first two weeks(01/06 and 01/13), both negative. Then on Jan 27 I did a blood test which was also negative. They told me to come back in 30 days. I still have no periods. I have gained 5 lbs. I get sore breasts but thats not too bad. I sometimes get nauseous and fill like I am going to faint. My clothes fill very tight, my jeans don’t button up. I get cramps in my lower abdomen, my nipples are darker and I get a white discharge. Sometimes I cannot sleep at night and in the morning i just cant get up.
    Is it too soon to tell still? Is this normal? If I am not pregnant then what is it?

    February 4, 2010
  2. Brittany Kennedy said:

    I need some help. I think I may be pregnant but I’ve taken 2 tests and they both came up negative. My last period was on January 15th. I’m having back pains, I’m tired all the time but can’t really sleep, abdominal pain, random headaches, peeing like every hour or two, my breasts have gotten bigger, my clothes have gotten tighter, i feel bloated extremely, I have acid reflex and yesterday my feet started to swell but I may have just been on my feet too long. Can I please get some help, it’d be so grateful.

    March 10, 2010
    • Health Informer said:

      Today you have completed almost 2 months and there is no menstrual bleeding till date. You have done a pregnancy test and it is negative, I presume that you have done urine pregnancy test, to get more confirmation you can do ultrasound of the pelvis which be helpful in diagnosing your pregnancy, the other test is of blood called Beta HCG it is also a confirmatory test. If these tests are also negative than the symptoms which you are getting are of some other cause. Possibly 1) Anemia (2) Urinary tract infection (3) Hormonal imbalance (4) Hyperacidity. You may want to check with your doctor for further tests to confirm what the real problem is.

      March 11, 2010
  3. Melannie said:

    I am 2 months pregnant. I had a history of cone biopsy last July 2008. My doctor told me to be admitted in the hospital during my 3rd month to stitch my cervix. Will I have a normal pregnancy then? Will I deliver normal and on time? Will it not affect the growth of my baby inside?

    March 11, 2010
    • P.U .P said:

      You should have a normal pregnancy. A lot of time has passed after your cone biopsy. The tissues must have developed well after the biopsy. Normal fetal development should take place. Stitching of the cervix will give more support to the cervical orifice, and will help to deliver a healthy child. Nevertheless, it is advisable to keep visiting your doctor frequently and undergo tests to check your baby’s development very regularly. Good Luck!

      March 11, 2010
  4. L said:

    Can someone help me. My last period was Dec 12th 09, usual medium flow 4 days and on January 8th I did a home pregnancy test as I noticed I had been urinating more and had a missed period by 3 days and its not normal for me to ever of missed a period. I have been regular like clock work since the age of 10 so just out of wonder I did one, anyway it was POSITIVE so then up the walk in center on the 12th of January I got another clear POSITIVE. Went to see my doctor on the 18th January and he did a blood test it came out negative. Two weeks later another blood test came back negative but my symptoms persisted and new ones started joining in too. I had sickness and the nausea feeling all day long. I missed another period February and I got constipation and extreme tiredness. He did one last blood test Feb 20th and it also came back negative. Now I have not bled, spotted or anything of the sort since my last period and my symptoms have again persisted and new have come along. It’s March 17th and I am suffering with severe back ache in the lower area, headaches, runny nose and still I have nausea tiredness and constipation. I also more importantly still have had no show off a period. It’s not ever like me. I am not ill, I am not in pain – only with my back but this has just come on. I have never had any problem with the girly thing and its unusual for my body to be so confusing it just does not feel like mine anymore, I have to also bring to your attention 2 aunts and cousins of mine have fluked the tests of pregnancy and even though they knew they were the tests said negative for one of my aunt she did not get any sort of a positive until she was 6 months gone and the only way she new was her stomach growing. I am so confused, please can someone shine some light onto my subject.

    March 17, 2010
    • BG said:

      My last period was Dec 17. In Jan I had very strong positives after missed period and didn’t test anymore. I am going to the doctor Feb 25 (10 weeks – to check if I am into my 2nd month of pregnancy), and thought for the fun of it I would test again but I got negative test results. I have been suffering with all pregnancy symptoms for the past 4 weeks. Especially nausea! Can you tell me what happened in the end?

      February 25, 2011
  5. marie said:

    My last period was in November. I took a pregnancy test and nothing till the beginning of April. I took another pregnancy test. Have in mind I kept taking pregnancy test every month since Dec-March. Anyways, it came out positive. I do have irregular periods but not since I had my son who is 2 yrs old now. So just relax. It’s totally normal.

    April 19, 2010
  6. J L said:

    I last had intercourse at the end of March and have had a period since, but this was not long after. I have not had one since and may think I am pregnant. I have put a lot of weight on and I am always tired. Is this possible?

    July 26, 2010
  7. S N said:

    I had intercourse in May 10th 2010. I did pregnancy test after 15 days of intercourse but was negative. I had my monthly about 4 days late from last month date. And then second monthly late about 10 days. But both were normal. About 10 weeks has passed but i feel tired, and pain in my stomach. Can u tell me are there chances of pregnancy or not?

    July 30, 2010
  8. ed said:

    I have been having regular periods for the past two months BUT I took a pregnancy test on 12 August and it was positive then another one on 27 August which was 4 days before my period it was negative and another one on 1 September which is the day I started my period and it was negative. Now, it 26 September and I have missed my period. Am I pregnant?

    September 26, 2010
  9. A N said:

    Okay so I haven’t had my period since September 6 and all my friends say that I have put on a few pounds. i have noticed that I have been tired a lot lately and I do run back and forth to the restroom. I took 2 at home pregnancy test and they both were negative. I also feel a lot of mucus in my chest and eat more than usually. My feet hurt after only a few minutes of standing. Could it be anything else?

    November 16, 2010
  10. A N said:

    I’m worried that I’m pregnant. I took the 72hr pill within 24hours and then had a pregnancy test around two weeks afterwards which came back negative, I had two irregular periods and I’ve missed mine this month. I’ve put on a bit of weight and friends have said they think I’m a bit rounder around my belly. But that could be down to stopping my fitness training. I’ve had a slightly larger appetite and have been quite tired, and my breasts have been a little tender. Could I be pregnant?!!

    December 2, 2010
  11. H B said:

    I had last intercourse in Aug 11 and then I got my periods 4 days late. My periods were so irregular and that was also the last time I had my periods. I’ve taken so many test, home test and tests with the doctors and it’s all negative, same with the blood test but I still feel all symptoms of pregnancy. I feel headaches, I am lazier and I am only 17. Is it possible that I am pregnant?

    December 4, 2010
  12. A L said:

    I am wondering if I am pregnant. I have been on cerazette for the past four months, but have recently started putting on a lot of weight just on my tummy and my breasts. I am tired all the time and my gums have been bleeding when I brush my teeth and I have a runny nose. I have just had a “period” but it has only lasted a couple of days which is not normal for me. I have also taken pregnancy tests the digital ones came out “not pregnant” but the other ones came out with little dots on the positive line. Could I be pregnant? I would actually like to be and don’t want to think that I’m wishing myself into believing I am.

    In addition to the above, I am lactose intolerant but have recently been craving milk and cheese!

    December 29, 2010
  13. S J said:

    I am 1.5 almost 2 months pregnant and had no vomit sensation. Also lupus anti-coagulant is present in APP test and take injection daily (treatment advised by doctor). Is there any problem about the growth of baby?

    January 29, 2011
  14. juliann said:

    I have been pregnant 3 times now over the past 3 years. The first child was a stillborn at about 6 months. I got pregnant again about 3-5 months after that and lost that one at home. Only about 2-3 months along, this last time was just back the end of July and beginning of August and I had to have a DnC. Now I feel like I am pregnant again and with the first three its been with the same man. This time its a different man. I took 2 home pregnancy tests 2 days ago and both were negative. I should start my period about the 23rd-25th. During my last pregnancy, the Doc told me my HCG was low, so they put me on Progestrone. Do you think i could be pregnant or just making myself think I am because I long for it so dearly?

    January 18, 2012
  15. ND said:

    I haven’t had my period since more than 2 months. I already took two home tests both of which came out positive. I really don’t have any pregnancy symptoms. I only get gasses more often and not very often the feeling of throwing up. Could I be pregnant?

    March 24, 2012
  16. Tin said:

    I believe that I am 2 months pregnant. I have LAP on my left side and I fear it is ectopic because there is brown discharge also. My ultrasound AP is after two days. Whenever I lie down I feel uncomfortable and also back pain. What should I do? I really want to have this baby.

    April 9, 2012
  17. KC said:

    I believe I am 2 months pregnant. My stomach is feeling hard and I have all the symptoms such as frequent urination, cravings for pica and burping. How should I confirm whether I am pregnant?

    May 25, 2012
  18. CR said:

    I am 7 months pregnant. I am suffering from horrible back pain as I have to frequently visit the washroom for defecation. At least 5 to 6 times in a day I have an urge for bowel movement. Is anyone else having the same issue as mine? Is back pain and frequent bowel movements normal during pregnancy?

    June 4, 2012
    • PUP said:

      Back ache is common problem faced by many women during pregnancy and you are not alone. For frequent passing of bowel movements, it depends on several factors such as compression of enlarging uterus on the lower part of large intestine. It can also be some sort of infection such as amoebic colitis. You need to get your stool examined in a pathological laboratory. If the stool examination reveals any abnormal finding, you have to consult your gynecologist for further treatment for frequent motions.

      June 5, 2012
  19. DS said:

    I had a miscarriage in the month of May and I got period on 20th June (but only two days bleeding and rest two days spotting). From 18th June I am suffering from vomiting regularly in the morning. I have done pregnancy test two times from home pregnancy test kit and on both time it was negative. I am feeling tired and sometimes vomiting sensation. Please suggest me what should I do?

    July 8, 2012
    • PUP said:

      May be your vomiting has no relationship with your miscarriage or pregnancy. It may be totally a separate problem. Have you consulted a doctor after your miscarriage? If you have not consulted, you should talk with him. Meanwhile, you can drink mint tea which helps to relieve nausea and vomiting. Heat 2 to3 cardamoms on a dry frying pan, now powder it and take with a teaspoon of honey. It helps to relieve vomiting.

      July 10, 2012

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