18 Weeks Pregnant What To Expect: 18th Week Pregnancy Development

By the 18th Week of pregnancy, the basic organogenesis of the fetus has been completed. This means that by the eighteen week of pregnancy, all the body parts of the baby are completely developed. Also by this age, the genitals of the fetus have developed and the gender of the child can be determined.

18 Weeks Pregnant What To Expect?

As the size of the fetus increases, so does the size of the uterus. An 18 week pregnant mother should be able to feel her uterus just below the belly button. In addition, you would gain weight between 12 to 15 pounds, again depending upon your pre-pregnancy weight and age.

Sleeping at night might get a bit more uncomfortable as the belly continues to expand in size. The best option is to sleep on your left side, which prevents the compression of the veins that allow the flow of blood from the lower extremities to your heart.

Other gastrointestinal problems like retro-sternal burning, constipation, etc will increase, however the problems associated with morning sickness including nausea, vomiting will gradually subside.

18 Week Pregnant Ultrasound

Since the fetus is completely developed, by the 18th week, the ultrasound will help detect any structural abnormalities in the fetus.

Though congenital anomalies are relatively rare, this detection can help one understand the chances of survival of the fetus after birth and also help the parents take an informed decision about continuing the pregnancy.

18th Week Pregnancy Development

As the size of the uterus continues to grow, the belly will continue to grow, which may be associated with a bit of inconvenience and discomfort for the mother. Sleeping to one’s left side, avoiding heavy and strenuous work and avoiding sitting or standing for long durations are some basic guidelines to offset the troubles faced during this stage of pregnancy.