Tooth Nerve Damage Causes, Symptoms | Treatment for Dead Tooth Nerve


Nerve Has Died In My Tooth Why?


Causes of Dead Tooth Nerve

There are several reasons for the death of the tooth nerve. Here are some of the causes:

  1. The most common cause for nerve tooth damage is a cracked tooth or damaged deep filling.
  2. Severe tooth decay tends to reach the pulp of the root and causes nerve damage. This infection may be secondary to tooth fracture or damage or may be due to poor dental hygiene
  3. In situations when an individual grinds his teeth or clinches the jaw, nerve damage is possible. This condition is referred to as Bruxism.
  4. Chipped tooth may also lead to nerve damage. Chipped tooth are usually weaker than normal tooth and can’t handle the stress of biting or chewing, which in turn can result in further damage to the tooth and the nerve.
  5. Direct blunt trauma to the jaw area can also damage the nerve pulp and result in nerve death.

Immaterial of the cause of the nerve damage, the nerve tissue seldom recovers. Root canal treatment is the only course of action available which involves the removal of the damaged pulp after which the tooth is sealed off.

A crown should be placed on the tooth within six months of the treatment which protects the tooth from force during biting and chewing.